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The European debt crisis explained: The debt levels around the globe are unprecedented in peacetime. The odds of restructurings and/or defaults are higher than most believe. When does debt become unsustainable? The video shows the debt levels of numerous countries have reached "problem" levels. Since the bill coming due in the form of maturing bonds is so large, policymakers in Europe have no easy way out. "Solutions" may include printing money to create inflation or debt restructurings/defaults; or a combination of the two. Chris Ciovacco of Ciovacco Capital Management compares healthy markets to the current state of affairs. Which investments tend to perform well during deflation/defaults/restructurings? Which investments tend to perform well during periods of inflation/money printing by central banks? What is a back-door bazooka? Studies by Kyle Bass 
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 You may have heard about some measures taken by the Euro-countries to stabilize the economy and the Euro. But what has Greece to do with all of that? What is an "emergency parachute"? And how do Eurobonds come into play? explainity tries to shed some light on the issue. By the way: Sorry for the german accent;-)
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Many European welfare states have been caught in a downward spiral of taxes, spending, and debt. This mini-documentary from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation identifies key lessons for policymakers seeking to avoid the inevitable fiscal crisis caused by the welfare state.
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